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In addition to scheduled events during the RAINN season, the Philly/DE RAINNFest group has participated in several fundraisers in which all or part of the profits go to RAINN.  Some of these fundraisers include:

  • Tupperware - We sold A LOT of Tupperware. We raised about $400 with this fundraiser!

  • Magazines - This one wasn't so successful, but we did raise about $160.

  • The Pampered Chef - We're organizing this now! If you'd like to help sell it, or you'd like to buy it, let us know! Email us!

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics - Also coming soon! Email us if you'd like to sell it or buy it!

  • Collection Cans - Collection for RAINN cans were put out in several stores throughout Philadelphia and Delaware.  All of the proceeds from these cans will go towards RAINN.

  • Bake Sale - Coming soon to a location near you!

  • Car Wash - Coming soon to a location near you!

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