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Adult Survivors

Abuse/Incest Support at In addition to being a tremendous resource on articles and websites, Abuse/Incest also has chat rooms and message boards. It also has resources for young survivors in the 13-18 age range.

New Hope Healing Institute A Support Site for Survivors of Abuse and Sexual Trauma: Although the actual institute is based in Indianapolis, IN, this site has provided a lot of insight and support to many online with its articles, forums, email groups, and links.

Transformations This site also has forums focusing on addiction recovery, health and wellness, DID issues among others. It also has scheduled topic-specific chats, a survivors' gallery of art and poetry, and a webzine Chrysalis, focusing on healing issues.

The Wounded Healer Journal TWHJ is one of my favorite sites. It was the first site I posted a message and I encountered so much gentleness and support. I've been visiting this site since 1998 and I don't know how I would have gotten through some of the issues I encountered without the kind folks there. It has over a dozen forums covering topics from spirituality to PTSD and DID issues as well as articles and links to some very good chats. My personal favorite forum is "Healing Journey".'s Abuse Issues Community This site not only has community member sites addressing child abuse awareness, it also has a 24-7 abuse support and scheduled topic-specific chats, ICQ, Instant Messenger, and email support lists, and many articles and survivor journals to view.

Rape and Sexual Abuse
Butterflies This site has a slew of articles, poetry and email support lists (via for male and female survivors of sexual and/or ritual abuse. Some of the lists offer support for male and female survivors under the age of eighteen as well as parents and allies of survivors.

Boxes for Pandora This site promotes a documentary that will be released in 2002 about the aftermath of rape and healing from it. The website has a trailer containing interview clips from the documentary as well as links, surveys, survivor poetry and stories.

Welcome to Barbados This site is a Tori Amos-inspired site for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Not only does it have articles and statistics, it also has a message forum called Pandora's Aquarium as well as an email support list called Ripple Back To Me.

Escaping Hades: a Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors' Site This site provides resources on dealing with rape and sexual abuse and its aftereffects. It has a rape survivors' wall listing the names of survivors. This site is also a search engine for other sexual assault and abuse sites in addition to having a banner exchange program.

Abuse Recovery UK
Although based in the UK, ARUK is one of the most comprehensive sites for survivors.  It has tons of links and assorted forums.  It includes a message forum and a detailed list of links for male survivors.

Recovery Canada
This site is divided into two areas: Sexual Abuse Support and Cancer Support. In addition to having informative articles in their library, Recovery Canada has password-protected message boards and a fun area.   An extremely resourceful site.

Male Survivors

The National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization (NOMSV)
A very comprehensive site for male survivors. Not only does it have links to articles and other web sites, it also has a message board, chat room, and a newsletter.

For Men Only: Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
This small website made by the Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin contains information about male sexual assault, what to do to if it happens, and it features a section on the unique issues men face when they are sexually assaulted.

The Male Survivors Forum at Abuse Survivors U.K.
Male survivors can post messages for support throughout their healing journey.

The Sexual Abuse of Males by Jim Hopper, Ph.D.
This site has statistics and articles about the occurrence of male childhood sexual abuse as well as a listing of web sites and books for male survivors.

Men's Web's Surviving and Living: Male Survivors of Child Sex Abuse
This site has articles written by professionals, submissions by survivors, as well as a listing of books on and off-line for male survivors.

Male Survivors Section in Abuse/Incest at

Time to Tell the World at Welcome to Barbados

Time to Tell the World at Welcome to Barbados

Male Survivors Section at Escaping Hades


Gay and Lesbian Survivors

Rainbow Hope
support for lesbian survivors of abuse and their loved ones. Excellent links and articles on topics ranging from coming out to self-injury, to intimacy, and other issues lesbian survivors face. It also has message boards through Delphi forums and a chat room.

Email support for lesbian and bisexual survivors of abuse.

Amazon Alternatives in Healing
Soul's Self Help Central's email list for lesbian survivors of sexual abuse.

New Hope and Healing Institute's Links for Gay and Lesbian Survivors

Gay and Lesbian Survivors Section in Abuse/Incest at


Web-based and IRC Chats and MUDS

Abuse-SafehavenThis chat can be found on Undernet at #abuse-safehaven. This organization not only has a library of resources, message boards, and mailing lists for abuse survivors in general, it pays particular attention to survivors' littles.

#Survivors on the Net Based in the UK, this chat is covered in all time zones 24/7. It can be found on DALnet.

Healing Journey Chat This chat originally started at The Wounded Healer Journal. It is accessible through both IRC and the web.

Transformations has several scheduled support chats in addition to it's 24/7 Open Support Chat. The scheduled chats cover topics ranging from substance abuse recovery to PTSD. TCPirch is needed to access these and other chats in TalkCity.

The Warmroom Another spin-off from The Wounded Healer Journal. It is a 24/7 Open Support Chat that is acessible through IRC and the Web.

Peel Out the Watchword This is a web-based chat accessible through Welcome to Barbados ( /barbados/). It focuses on supporting survivors of rape and sexual assault.

Healing Hopes This chat focuses on supporting survivors who are dissociative or diagnosed with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). It is accessible through the web or through DALnet on IRC under #Hhopes.

Abuse/Incest at In addition to having loads of on- and off-line resources, has three web based chat rooms: Room 1 is for general support, Room 2 is for triggering topics and scheduled chats, and Room 3 is a comfort room for littles. Rooms 2 and 3 require a password for access.

The Sanctuary The Sanctuary, which stands for SAfe Network Community,The Underground Abuse Refuge,  is a MUD accessible through TelNET. Although it is text-based in nature, the text descriptions of the forest by the lake are incredible. This MUD has message boards, chat, and articles for you to read. Although it is tricky for a beginning computer user, I've found that this MUD was a very peaceful, relaxing place to go to when things were getting to me.

Anonymous Email Services 

Asarian-Host.orgThis site offers free POP email services that you can access via the Web or in emailsoftware such as Netscape Messenger, Outlook, or Eudora. Asarian-host offers free web-hosting as well. In addition to these services one can find links to survivor sites and other resources. This site also has free email services in addition to information on accessing the ASARM (Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery Moderated) newsgroup and the SANCTUARY MUD. However, using the email is a bit tricky for beginning users, since the email is accessed via TELnet.

TWHJ Mail In addition to providing support through its message boards, TWHJ also provides a free email service through the zap zone network.

There are also many email services in which real names are not required:

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