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Below are some links about RAINN, other RAINNFest (Happy Birthday 2002) events, Tori Amos, and supportive sites for survivors of sexual assault.

RAINN and RAINNFest | For Toriphiles | For Survivors of Sexual Assault


RAINN and RAINNFest (Happy Birthday 2002)


Not only does site this help you find a crisis center near you, you can find articles and links containing information about sexual assault, make an online donation, or purchase RAINN merchandise.

Happy Birthday 2002 (

If you are looking for a RAINNFest/Birthday Bash near you, or interested in hosting one, you can find the party locations, order tickets, and obtain party host documents here.

The ToriFest Gathering Registry (

Designed by RavenOak, the host of the North Texas Torifest, this site in continuously updated about the details of the RAINNFests/Birthday Bashes throughout the country. RavenOak also has a site containing information about her CD and book in which all sales of these items will go to RAINN. This can be found at

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For Toriphiles

If you are a Tori Amos fan, here are a few links to find out about tour dates, her upcoming album due for release on October 15, and more fascinating information about this incredible musician and one of the founding members of RAINN.

A Dent in the Tori Amos Universe (

Designed by MikeWhy, this site has loads of information about Tori's tours, appearances, and other details. This site also includes online fundraisers for RAINN.

Here in My Head (

In addition to the latest news about Tori, you can find an impressive photo gallery, lyrics, mp3s, and much more. 

The Tori Amos Forums (

If you are looking to mingle with other toriphiles online, hear gossip, opinions, and unique insights, check out these message boards. These forums also include a message board for RAINN containing information about the upcoming RAINNFests and Birthday Bashes.

Tori Amos Official Web Site (

If you would like to find official news about Tori, her merchandise and music, or sign up for her official newsletter, you can stop by here.

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For Survivors of Sexual Assault

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, the following sites provide excellent information and online support. Please note that many of these sites may be triggering. If you are in crisis and need support, please call RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE and remember you are not alone.

Welcome to Barbados (

This Tori Amos-inspired site was featured on 20/20 in 1999. It not only has facts about sexual assault and its after-effects, it also has a poetry page, a survivor story page, a section for male survivors and much more. Through this site you can access Pandora's Aquarium message board, join the Ripple Back to Me email list, or go to the Peel Out the Watchword survivor chat.

All These Years (

This site is also Tori Amos-inspired and filled with facts and information about sexual assault. This site also contains a message board and a chatroom for survivors. You can also sign up for an e-newsletter containing information about sexual assault, Tori Amos, and site updates. This site is where you would find the first online Birthday Bash for RAINN. 

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